The Undefeated Winner of Opportunity Knocks


60 Years old and still looking as good as ever

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Tony Holland created a sensation in the 1960s when he appeared on Hughie Green's famous

He won the show for 6 consecutive weeks demonstrating Muscle Control - something the British
public had never seen before on Television (or possibly even elsewhere). Tony used MAXALDING techniques to develop his act and was trained, by post, by Court Saldo.

Scenes from Opportunity Knocks

Tony had been doing a Body-building act for about 8 years before auditioning for Opportunity Knocks.
The BBC website contains an interview with Mike Connolly which goes into detail
about this and other aspects of Tony's life before and after his television debut.

After Opportunity Knocks Tony got a considerable amount of Cabaret work and also made many appearances on other TV programmes such as Marty Feldman, David Nixon & Mike and Bernie Winters.

Following a Summer Season Tony developed his act further to include comedy, feats of strength and audience participation.

Some scenes from Tony's Cabaret Act

Tony remained professional for 7 years - from 1964 until 1971 - he then moved to working in Child Care whilst carrying on doing his act as a semi-pro.

A selection of poses
by Tony Holland
from the 1970s

From the 1980s
some further studies
showing Tony's remarkable
Muscle Control

Tony continued working in Residential Care for Children and Young People until 1994.

In 1995 he opened his own Fitness Gym at Kings Church, Wirral. Here he provided Weight Training and Aero Box (Circuit Training) with his wife, Lorraine, running a 'Ladies only' aerobics class in her spare time. Tony finally decided to close his gym in August 2006.

1990 -- 50 Years old and still looking GREAT

JUST FOR FUN - Listen to the music that Tony used for his act

Tony also finds time to make occasional active appearances including one at his daughter' wedding. Between 1998 and 2000 he also made a few TV appearances. Amongst these was 'First Light', a BBC religious programme which showed some clips from earlier TV shows. He also appeared on ITV's 'After They Were Famous' where he performed his Scapula and Abdominal Control. 'North West Tonight' also filmed a piece in his Gym.

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