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How it all began

Contributed by John Haywood

How to Become a Great Athlete

Although appearing in the same year (1911) as 'Muscle Control' this very rare publication probably predates the more famous book and contains a brief section on Maxick's life, sections on Weightlifting and a gallery of photos, not seen elsewhere, of Maxick, Saldo and others.

Contributed by Gordon Anderson

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Health, Strength &
Will Power

The date of this publication is not exactly known but references in the text suggest 1911 although it is not known if this was published before or after the two books of that year.

What is important is that this very rare and undocumented booklet is the only material known to mention Maxaldo.

Whilst containing some new photographic material there are several familiar illustrations that also appear in the other two publications of 1911.

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'Muscle Control or Body Development by Will-Power' by Maxick - first published in 1911.

Read the full version of an original copy of this amazing book.

Many thanks to Gil Waldron for contributing this book

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'Muskel-Beherrschung oder Korperentwicklung
durch Willenskraft'

Dieses Buch wurde von Maxick im Jahre 1911 nach seinem besuch in England geschrieben
Diese Auflage wurde im Leipzig im Jahre 1914 veröffentlicht.

Klicken sie an das Bild um den vollen Scan dieses verblüffenden Buches zu sehen.
Dieses Version wurde von Harry Rothman beigetragen den wir sehr dankbar sind

Control Muscular
(Desarollo Corporal mediante Poder Mental)

Spanish Translation of 'Muscle Control' by Juan Antonio Martinez Rojas

Great Strength by Muscle Control

Published around 1913 this book was the follow up to Maxick's 'Muscle Control'.

It contains no Muscle Control exercises as such but concentrates on explaining how Muscle Control can aid Weightlifters. The illustrations showing barbell and dumb-bell work are posed by Maxick, Monte Saldo, Edward Aston and others.

How to Pose by MONTE SALDO

Another extremely rare book, published in 1914. Monte Saldo explains about posing in the classic style.

Contributed by Ron Tyrrell

The Maxick-Saldo System

Mention is made of the Maxick-Saldo system in the early books (before the name Maxalding was coined). Here are some rare documents from the 1914 period that relate to Maxick-Saldo

Contributed by 'Upbuilder'

A selection of
Maxalding Brochures
from 1960 to 1974

Tromp Van Diggelen recounts in his book 'Worthwhile Journey' his meeting with Eugen Sandow and their arranging to bring Max Sick over from Germany. He also tells of Maxick's meeting with Monte Saldo and the beginnings of Maxalding.

Many thanks to Gil Waldron for contributing this article

Read about Maxick - Biographies, Articles by and about him - plus photos.

Biographical details of
Monte Saldo

Including new and exclusive detailed biography written for the Maxalding Website by Ron Tyrrell.

Nature's Way to Health
A Treatise Explanatory of MAXALDING

by Alfred Monte-Saldo

Published around the mid 1920s this rare 20 page booklet is an excellent example of how Maxalding had evolved with greater emphasis on its abilities to cure illnesses.

Contributed by Gordon Anderson

A Treatise Explanatory

by Courtlandt Saldo

Published in 1953 this booklet makes an interesting comparison with its 1920 predecessor.

Contributed by Ron Tyrrell

Max Sick Album
Published in Germany - Date unknown

Contributed by
Gay W. Ng

A full reproduction of Monte Saldo's book MAXALDING, published in the late 1920s.
Contributed by Harry Rothman

A full reproduction of Monte Saldo's book HOW TO EXCEL AT GAMES & ATHLETICS, published in 1937.

Vic Alderson
an early Maxalding pupil

A series of his articles on Muscle Control that appeared in 'The Superman Magazine' in 1931

Contributed by Gil Waldron

Magazine articles written by
Monte Saldo

Magazine articles written by
Court Saldo
about Muscle Control.

For Maxalding Miscellany click on the image.

The Why & How of Muscle Control

An 11 part series written by Court Saldo in 1951 for Weightlifter & Bodybuilder Magazine

It contains much biographical detail on Maxick, many exercises and an interesting section on Alan Mead.

Part of the Ron Tyrrell Collection

Full details of the MAXALDING COURSES that are currently available on this site

A tabulated List of all the MAXALDING EXERCISES currently available to view on this site.

Tony Holland, TVs original Musical Muscle Man brought Muscle Control to the public's attention when he presented his act on Opportunity Knocks in the 1960s and became the undeafeated winner of the show. Tony, who turned 60 in 1999, is still in marvellous condition and runs a Gym in Cheshire.

You can read his story and see photos of him from the 60s right through to the present day.

The Skill of Muscle Control

From 'Skill' Magazine and published between 1967 & 1970. Written by Tom & Ken Woodward and featuring the 'Auto-Resista' Course with illustrations by
Tony Holland

Tony Holland's Muscle Control Postal Course from 1974

The Autoflex

Maxalding Medals & Maxalding Competitions

Competitions and Medal Awards began in 1909.

Click on the Medal to see some of the winners between 1910 to 1939 and
some winners from the 1950s.

Thanks to Gil Waldron & Tony Holland

The Masters of Maxalding
A Hall of Fame

Here you will find photos and details of some of Maxalding's famous and outstanding pupils.

Maxaldists at Large

No - It's not Monte Saldo but one of the many thousands of Maxalding pupils out there who achieved great results.

This section is open to all pupils who wish to show what they have achieved using the Maxalding exercises.

The Amazing Professor J.Chandrashekhar

From Bodybuilder Magazine Feb 1954 a demonstration of Isolation of an Abdominal Tendon with comments by Court Saldo. You will be amazed.

Thanks to Tony Holland for contributing this article

Ron Tyrrell's Collection

Ron Tyrrell is a Maxaldist and was trained personally by Court Saldo who was a good friend.

He is also an avid collector of Maxalding and Muscle control material. This colourised photo of Maxick, the only one known, is part of his collection which he is sharing on the Maxalding Website.

Click on the image to see more of the collection.

Philosophy, Science and Practice of Maxalding
by Juan Antonio Martínez Rojas (Ph.D)

A remarkable treatise written especially for The Maxalding Website and, without doubt, the most detailed and comprehensive study of the principles of Maxalding ever written.

Downloadable in PDF format in parts
and NOW as an entire e-book.

Also available, to complement the above, is a tabulated list of Muscle Control exercises/

Eugen Sandow had a great influence on British Bodybuilding and Physical Culture in the late 1800s. He also trained Monte Saldo who was apprenticed to him in 1897.

You can read more about Sandow and see full reproductions of some of his book plus many, many photos.

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The Competition

Some of the other Bodybuilding Courses which were available in the past, sold either by Mail Order or published as a book.

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