Max Sick's muscular structure is phenomenal, if not unique. Sick also has body strength, which one might call miraculous considering his light body weight of 68 kg. This body strength manifests itself in an extremely high performance capability during all different kinds of exercises. Sick does particularly well in terms of heavy weight lifting. With one arm he is able to lift up to 216lb., with both arms he is able to lift up to 290lb. completely. Therefore, it is surely interesting to learn more about Sick's personality and development.

In his early childhood, between the ages of 2 and 5, Sick was unusually weak and fell ill with so many different illnesses that he only learned to walk at the age of 6. In spite of all this Sick developed a burning desire during his childhood to possess a body strength that surpasses the ordinary by far. Sick's parents were against any kind of physical exercise such as gymnastics, athletics etc. This started a passion within the young Max, which in later years inspired him to invent a system allowing him to develop his physique without machines but by tensioning of the muscles only. His efforts were supported by the shortly-after published book by A. Stolz "Guidelines to develop muscles and power". By the time when the interest in athletics increased with the opening of a club in his home town (near the Bodensea) Sick's muscles were developed so noticeably that he was able to perform acts of extreme strength. His profession (mechanic) also played a role. Since several years Sick emphasises mainly a harmonic development of his body. To do so he mainly uses the system of voluntary tensioning of the muscles which is mostly described in this publication.

With regards to Sick's way of life he never followed any particular rules. His only fundamental principal was that any kind of excess is bad and that the body gets harmed more than strengthened by too many, frequent or permanent exercises. Therefore, it is the moderation and the consequence, which made Sick's development of his body a big success.

The following is a judgement on Sick by a famous artist: " In Herr Sick I got to know a unique phenomenon. His abilities surprised me very much. They can only be explained by his enormous energy and his astounding will power. He was born with these attributes as well as with his admirable health. The ability to concentrate his will power during the most crucial moments is simply phenomenal. This is - even if it sounds unlikely - undoubtedly what enables Sick to perform far beyond his physical disposition. The most outstanding doctors whom I presented M. Sick to were full of admiration and astonishment. M. Sick also satisfied me highly as a model. Sascha Schneider, Professor at the Kunstakademie in Weimar."

Being 162cm tall Sick has the following measurements: neck 43cm, chest after exhaling completely 93cm, normal 103cm, and with greatest inhalation 114cm (hence extension capability of 21 cm), upper arm 34-40cm, lower arm 32.5cm, wrist 19cm, thigh 58.5cm, calf 39cm, ankle 23.5cm. But it needs to be noted that as a life model Sick's body appears to be much larger due to a harmonic development of all parts and he does give a Herculean impression.

Many thanks to Axel Rochowsky for this translation.
The translation has been deliberately retained in its literal form and not changed to modern day phraseology.


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