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Cashback Offers Very Popular With Online Casinos

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Losing Bitcoin Anonymity May be Next for European Online Casinos

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Why No Deposit Bingo Bonuses Are The Best

 Playing bingo online can be very rewarding – and one of the reasons why people play this game online is the kind of bonuses that come with it. Read more about 'Why No Deposit Bingo Bonuses Are The Best'...

Celebrities Who Enjoy Playing Bingo

If you asked most people to picture a bingo player, they'd imagine a group of old codgers, paired up inside of smoky gambling hall. Read more about 'Celebrities Who Enjoy Playing Bingo'...

Mobile Casinos Where You Can Pay By Phone Bill

 Mobile casinos are web sites tailored to be used on smart phones and other mobile devices. Read more about 'Mobile Casinos Where You Can Pay By Phone Bill'...

Fun Facts About Bingo You May Not Know

Bingo is wonderful, isn't it? The moments hinging on that last and fifth, final number to be called can be exhilarating. Read more about 'Fun Facts About Bingo You May Not Know'...

The Craziest Bingo Prizes We Have Ever Seen

You love playing bingo. You love hearing those numbers get called, marking the numbers on your card and going for the win. Read more about 'The Craziest Bingo Prizes We Have Ever Seen'...

A synopsis of Coral bookmaker

Coral were actually founded by Joe Coral nearly a century ago. It all began in 1926 when Joe borrowed some money from a friend that owned a local café. Read more about 'A synopsis of Coral bookmaker'...

Ladbrokes Promotions

Ladbrokes are a major force in the British betting industry, and are in fact the countries second largest bookmaker. Read more about 'Ladbrokes Promotions'...

Rainbow Riches On Mobile Devices

Mobile is quickly becoming the most popular platform for gaming. It is no surprise then that almost all software companies release a mobile version of their games for their customers... Read more about 'Rainbow Riches On Mobile Devices'...

Cleopatra Online Slots

Perhaps laying claim to being one of the all time most enticing online casino games, Cleopatra slots has all the lure of ancient Egypt packed into its fun and enchanting gameplay. Read more about 'Cleopatra Online Slots'...

Cleopatra Online Slots

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Perhaps laying claim to being one of the all time most enticing online casino games, Cleopatra slots has all the lure of ancient Egypt packed into its fun and enchanting gameplay. Packed full of all the iconic images we associate with the land of the Nile, when you play Cleopatra slots online you really get an exciting and immersive level of online casino play that flows with hieroglyphics, sphinx symbols and scarabs. Played by just about every fan of 5 reel slots Cleopatra is truly the Queen of casino games. Take a look at our bonuses offered below to get the best value for money and choose your preferred playing location.

Cleopatra Slots Bonuses

There are a range of bonuses to be had when you play Cleopatra slots both online and in land based casinos. The most notable point to mention here though is that the land based machines generally have a slightly lower payout percentage which means playing online is going to out you at a slight advantage, plus you get the chance to try out different destinations using the free spins that are readily available at many destinations. Being a 5 reel slot you have a scatter award system which will give you a bonus when 2 or more sphinx symbols appear in any location on the slots. If you happen to get 3 or more of these symbols you will then get the Cleopatra slots bonus which offers a number of free spins, the more symbols you get the more free spins you will be rewarded with. It’s also worth remembering that anything you win with the free spins will pay out triple the amount you would usually receive, making for some big wins should the charms of lady luck herself be with you!

How Do I Play?

The first thing to do is select any of the offers represented above and go ahead and sign up, click the “Play Now” button, check out the site and submit your details, either taking advantage of the free plays on offer first or by simply making your first deposit to get your bonus. You can try a range of the offers above to see which one suits you best and where you feel most comfortable playing at – sometimes you just have a better feeling for one site over another. Once signed up to your chosen Cleopatra slots online destination you can alter your stake by going to the Pay Lines section and clicking on the plus and minus signs to get the desired level of cash you want to place on each individual spin. Keep a lookout for the Cleopatra symbols on paylines as these can double what will be paid out on any individual line, which is never a bad thing! When it comes to the scatter award bonuses these will be automatically added as you play, making things easier to keep track of. If you want to play for the biggest stakes possible all you need to do is hit the “Max Bet” button when you start. Also keep an eye out for the Wild Card symbol which can complete a payline and help to get some decent wins

Overall, Cleopatra slots is a truly seductive game with it’s beautiful graphics and intoxicating feel of ancient Egypt being amplified by the voice of Cleopatra as she talks throughout the game and about the wins. If you haven’t played already then it’s more than worth a testing out, proving popular for a number of years now and with other spin off slots games being somewhat similar you can immediately see that the popularity of this game has spread worldwide. There are also updates to the game with Cleopatra slots 2 being released which has proved yet another hit. We cover this game on other pages of our site so if you’d like to have a look at these bonuses then head over here and perhaps even try out the similarly themed slots such as Book Of Ra which is becoming increasingly well known, mostly due to the success of Cleopatra Slots.

Rainbow Riches On Mobile Devices

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Mobile is quickly becoming the most popular platform for gaming. It is no surprise then that almost all software companies release a mobile version of their games for their customers to enjoy while they are outdoors. Whether they are on the train or in office, players can enjoy their favourite games easily if software companies release versions that can be supported on mobile.

Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular slot games in the gaming industry today. The online version as well as the land-based version is played extensively by gaming enthusiasts. Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold has also been launched for mobile.

The mobile version of Rainbow Riches features five reels with twenty win lines. The mobile version of the game is very similar to the online and land-based versions of the game in terms of play. The symbols, which include the famous leprechaun, on the mobile version are also the same as the symbols in the original and online version of the game. The major difference between the online version and mobile version is the amount of money that players can bet. The mobile version allows players to place a bet of a minimum of 1p and maximum of 25p per line which means that the total stake can be between 20p to £5. The bonuses available for mobile players are also different.

The mobile version features progressive jackpots and also features the Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold round like the original version of the game. The leprechaun dances over the spinning pots of gold which contain differing amounts to money. There are also other bonus features on the mobile version. The Wishing Well and Road To Riches bonus rounds are also offered on the mobile version of the game.

All that a player needs to do in order to play Rainbow Riches on their mobile device is log in to their online casino account and download the game from their site. The mobile version like the original versions makes use of RNG Technology to ensure that each spin is completely random. The payout percentage for the original version and the mobile version are the same so players need not worry about winning less if they play from their mobile devices. The payout percentage for both versions stand at 95% so there is no reason for players to think twice about playing from their mobile devices. Another great thing for players wanting to play on their Smartphone’s devices is that mobile technology is now advanced enough to provide a great gaming experience which is as good as playing on laptop or desktop computers.

Rainbow Riches is available for almost all popular Smartphone platforms. They have versions of the game that are supported for the Apple iOs, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows platforms. With 3G technologies becoming extremely affordable, players do not have to worry too much about rising internet bills to play their favourite Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold slot game when they are traveling or outdoors.

Ladbrokes Promotions

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Ladbrokes are a major force in the British betting industry, and are in fact the countries second largest bookmaker. They are now making large leaps and bounds within the online gaming industry, and expect to see further advancements this year following a 50 million pound investment being made in to the business.

Sport Betting

New customers to Ladbrokes online betting can expect to be gifted with a promo code once registered, that will enable them to unlock free bet opportunities.


Where games of Blackjack, Roulette, and slots are all available plus many more. Many bonuses and promos to be had too. Online games may also be played via Mobile phone. To play this way you have to download the software which is free.

Ladbrokes was created as a company way back in 1886. They started as commission agents for horses which were trained in Worcestershire at Ladbroke Hall. Hence the Ladbroke name. Operations were latterly moved to London.

Ladbrokes saw a sustained successful period right up until world war 2. Following that the business went into a fairly steady decline. This came about mainly due to a combination of Austerity brought about by the economic climate, as well as a dwindling client base. There was also a reluctance to change their rather specialised approach to the bookmaking business.

Fast forward to the future, there are now 2,400 betting shops based in the UK and Ireland. There are also more shops in Spain and Belgium. They also own Greyhound stadia in Crayford and Monmore.

Ladbrokes were the very first betting company to offer a loyalty scheme. It was launched back in 2008 and was dubbed ‘Odds On’! The scheme rewards bets made with points as well as free bets. The customer initially got a point for every pound they spent at Ladbrokes. Latterly the rate was cut to one pound for every 2 pounds spent. The Odds On card may only be used in store.

Moving forward again, and as online betting fever has swept the country, Ladbrokes were up there with the best of them. Plenty of incentives are to be found for players looking for good value. There are free bets for new customers, and good betting odds on anything from horse racing to golf.

As online betting has evolved, so does in play betting. Ladbrokes have put themselves to the forefront of the in play betting game. Football betting now enables the player to place bets throughout the 90 minutes, and cricket betting allows the punter to bet on the outcome of each ball. In play betting has opened up a new world of betting opportunities, and of course the chance of gaining big returns on winning bets.

Now with all manner of sports being beamed straight to your computer, and a live Betting service which keeps you constantly abreast with scores etc. This has to Be seen as a great service.

A synopsis of Coral bookmaker

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Coral were actually founded by Joe Coral nearly a century ago. It all began in 1926 when Joe borrowed some money from a friend that owned a local café. The first bets were taken at Walthamstow stadium at the greyhound meets. Betting was technically illegal illegal at this point in time, however Joe Coral never encountered any great problems as he was a smart man who was more than capable of finding his way around any problems with the law that may have come his way.

Moving ahead into the millennium years, Coral now have over 1700 betting shops in the United Kingdom, as well as a good few hundred in Italy which trade under the Eurobet name.

The company have shown an appreciation of their roots by moving just a few miles down the road from where Joe Coral very first started plying his trade. They are now situated in the modern developed offices close to Westfield Shopping centre,thus maintaining their sense of identity as an East London bookmaker. Under the name Gala Coral group. Back in the 80’s Coral were actually acquired by Bass. All betting shops and stadia kept the Coral name, but other operations were integrated into Bass.

Online betting has become quite the thing in the last decade or so, and of course Coral were right there pretty much at its inception. They now boast sports, casino, bingo, lotto and games all of which can be played online. It is one of the UK’ s leading ecommerce operations, and prides itself on offering its customers the widest range of gaming and betting products and opportunities.

Innovative ideas on the online betting sites include the use of their ‘Coral Promo code’ and Coral bonus codes which enable players to take advantage of Free bet promos etc included within the fields of sports,casino and poker betting. Using Coral promo codes and Coral bonus codes are a great way of enhancing your chances of betting successfully within the field of online betting.

Coral are a trusted brand name that have a pedigree and establishment to be Proud of. They have developed a quality site that covers the whole range of online betting specialities Banking facilities are excellent with low minimum payments and quick processing whilst a large range of options ensures that all players are able to find at least one way to make payments into their accounts.

Coral now figures amongst the top most popular betting sites within the whole of the United Kingdom. It offers the player fantastic odds, an extremely varied market choice, and is a high quality developed website. It of course offers sports betting, but you can also find amongst its attractions a great bingo, poker and casino room. Once players have signed up they will automatically receive a free bet. The amount that you will actually qualify for is all down to which particular section of the site that you choose to sign up for.

The Craziest Bingo Prizes We Have Ever Seen

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You love playing bingo. You love hearing those numbers get called, marking the numbers on your card and going for the win. It's all about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. When it comes to playing bingo, you will fight that lady for the umbrella you don't really need. While it may be fun to pick a prize at the end of the game when you yell bingo, the prizes offered may leave you asking “What gives?”

SP bonus prize bingo



Traditional prizes for winning bingo often include little gadgets or household decor, and in some places maybe even a gift card or a certificate of some sort. But what about weird prizes? What are some of the strangest prizes that have been found to be available for winners of a bingo game? We have highlighted some of the wackiest, strangest and downright weird prizes that were available at some of the bingo games we attended. In order of weirdest to not so weird, we have:


1. Sex toys and lingerie. Yes, you read that right! Many bars and pubs will have a bingo night centered around romance and sex. The prizes range from tame, like a pair of panties, to raunchy, like (well, you get the idea). Most places that have this kind of bingo offer it once a month or for a tournament, once a year.


2. A milking cow. While we weren't there to witness this one first hand, it seems that a genuine milking cow was the prize for the top champion in a bingo tournament somewhere in New York. The winner was a woman from the northern part of the state. While we don't know what she did with the cow, the event made headlines and everyone got a good laugh.


3. A mermaid costume. Again, we weren't witness to this but one of the larger prizes to be won was a full mermaid costume, complete with clam shell bra (whether it was real clam shells we may never know). It attracted both young and old to this event and we are sorry that we missed it!


4. Food. Now, this doesn't seem like it would be strange, but when it was a bingo game run by a bunch of farmers, the prizes were a little out of taste for us. One prize was a pickled tongue while another was pigs feet. Hey, everyone wanted them, so they must have been doing something right.


5. The (soon to be) ex-husbands stuff. I was browsing local events when I found a gem of a listing. It was for a disgruntled woman who was an avid bingo fan who was giving away all of her soon to be ex-husbands possessions while he was out of town cheating on her. I have to admit that a few friends and I went. While we didn't win anything more than a few books and some CDs, it was a rather funny night.


Were sure there are stranger things out there, but these were just some of the weird and wacky things we have seen as prizes for the love of the game!


Fun Facts About Bingo You May Not Know

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Bingo is wonderful, isn't it? The moments hinging on that last and fifth, final number to be called can be exhilarating. Hearing the callers yell with the game on the line to you and possibly others is why we all play. Did you know that Bingo is considered to be a relaxing game and something that can keep your mind in tact?


 Bingo Facts


The inventor of Bingo was Edwin S. Lowe, a New York toy salesman. He worked alongside a mathematician, Carl Leffler of the University of Columbian and together they created 6,000 Bingo combinations. Claims were made that Carl Leffler went insane after creating so many non-repeating Bingo combinations.


Bingo cards were first used by the Germans in the 1800’s in order to help students learn multiplication tables. Bingo cards are often called ‘Housie’ in the United Kingdom and the differ from the cards used in the United States. In the U.S. an average of $90 million is spent on Bingo cards per week, an astounding number to say the least. One calculation estimates that there are 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000 different number combinations a Bingo card can have. Another astounding number.


The first Bingo game is thought to have taken place in as early as 1530 in Italy. The largest winning on a single Bingo game is 430,900 Lire in Britain. Bingo was originally called Beano. A woman accidentally called out ‘Bingo’ instead of Beano and the name stuck. Originally beans were used to mark numbers on the card hence the name ‘Beano’ coming about.


The number one reason why players play Bingo is not to win, which was the fifth reason on the list, but enjoyment. It is another test to the reason that one would play Bingo to relax. Not only that but Bingo is attributed to improving a person’s cognitive abilities and relieving stress.


Bingo first came out on the Internet in 1996 with the introduction of the game called ‘Bingo Zone’. Online women are the most often users of the game with 83% of users claiming to be women. Players online also receive many bonus offers besides the prizes won and that is a reason why some opt out to play via the Internet.


As it turns out women who are named Margaret win most often in Bingo. Today the game is not just for the elders of this world but 30% of players are 35 or younger. Bing Crosby’s first nick-name was, you guessed it, Bingo. Studies show that if you love to play Bingo you also love the play the slots.


Let’s face it folks, Bingo has facts about it just like any other game or activity. Keep on filling those cards up and please play responsibly.

Mobile Casinos Where You Can Pay By Phone Bill

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 Mobile casinos are web sites tailored to be used on smart phones and other mobile devices. You get all of the games you want to play with all of the potential of winning squeezed down to a phone sized screen. You can see it all very well because the designers made the games very playable.


 mFortune Roulette Pay by Phone Bill


One of the most convenient innovations for people that like to gamble using their phone or other mobile device is the ability to pay money by your phone bill. The technology is called short messaging service and has been around a while. What the technology allows you to do is deposit money in a casino account to play with.


You get three benefits from this development. You can play anywhere because you can deposit money into a casino account from anywhere using a smart phone or any other wireless device including connected televisions. You get a record on your phone bill of the money that you transferred into your casino account so your accounting is made simpler. If you win you can use the same system to transfer your winnings to any bank account, Paypal account, or credit card that you wish.


In a nutshell, the mobile casinos have adopted the technology that banks and retailers have been using for years to make fund transfer safe and convenient. One of the advantages of this type of fund transfer system is an added layer of encryption that protects your funds at the casino and in any bank account. You cannot be hacked and lose money.


All you need to use this pay by phone bill method for mobile casinos is a password. The password allows you access to the short messaging service. Security concerns mean you should change the password at least once a month and not keep the password stored on your phone or mobile device.


Do not worry about added costs. It costs you absolutely nothing to use your phone bill to put money into a casino account or to take it out. You may pay data charges if your plan does not have a big data reserve and you play a lot.


The advantage to the casino is that the phone company handles all of the accounting, payments, and they do not have to verify your identity in order for you to play.


Some of the mobile casinos that offer you this advantage are Ladyluck’s Mobile Casino, Hippozino, Conquer Casino, Vegas Paradise, Mobile Wins Casino, Royal Swipe, Sapphire Rooms, mFortune, Dazzle, Northern Lights, Spin Princess, Chomp, and Elite Mobile Casino.


All mobile casinos have a Facebook page so if you are not familiar with mobile casinos just look for them on Facebook. The idea is making gambling easier and safer to pay for and keep track of.

Celebrities Who Enjoy Playing Bingo

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If you asked most people to picture a bingo player, they'd imagine a group of old codgers, paired up inside of smoky gambling hall. But these days, there are a number of celebrities who display an unabashed joy for the game of bingo. As a result, one of the world's most popular games of chance now has a much different following than most would expect.




It shouldn't be a surprise, since bingo is one of the easiest games for a newcomer to pick up and start playing with a high level of proficiency. And with recent Internet advances, bingo has never been simpler to find, allowing players to get their fix 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


This list of celebrities who enjoy playing bingo might surprise you, so read on to learn more.


1. Catherine Zeta-Jones


The first name on this list could be the most shocking of all. This sexy starlet loves bingo so much, she commissioned her own custom set of bingo cards and balls. She has been a major fan of the game ever since she was a little girl growing up in Wales and once she married Michael Douglas, she never looked back, bringing the game with her across the pond. For his part, Douglas has yet to become as big a fan as his wife, calling the game "bizarre".


2. Mick Jagger


The Rolling Stones rocker is another unlikely bingo aficionado and while this game doesn't exactly fit in with the bad boy image most rock stars like to project, this does not stop Jagger from throwing massive bingo parties at his estate on a regular basis.


3. Bono


Mr. Pussey’s, a popular Dublin cafe that also doubles as a bingo hall, was once partially owned by the U2 lead singer. According to observers, he would watch from the gallery and entertain other celebrity bingo pals there, including supermodels Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington.


4. Christiano Ronaldo


An star athlete who sings the praises of bingo, Ronaldo has credited the game with helping to increase his grasp of the English language. He was sent a bingo DVD to improve his English speaking abilities and the Real Madrid striker fell in love with the game, becoming a self professed bingo addict.


5. Russell Crowe


Before starring in Hollywood smash hits like Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind, Crowe was a bingo caller back in his native Australia. He still has a healthy love for the game of bingo, even though he was fired from his job as a bingo caller for the crime of making up his own calls as the game went along. Of course, his calls were just a tad bit more rude than the ones players were accustomed to hearing.



Why No Deposit Bingo Bonuses Are The Best

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 Playing bingo online can be very rewarding – and one of the reasons why people play this game online is the kind of bonuses that come with it. Many bonuses are offered either as a fixed sum after making a deposit or as a percentage of money deposited into the online account – these are worthy initiatives too. But all across the internet especially on gaming sites, every gamer/gambler knows that the best form of bonuses are those that come without having to make a monetary commitment in the form of a deposit. Here are some reasons why;


 no deposit bingo bonuses 2015


Everyone loves free money. No deposit bonus is in the top ten of the best forms of free money. This means that you are making an expense (which you probably budgeted for) with money that was gifted to you. This scenario is just like budgeting $45 of your savings to go on an outing with a group of friends but your uncle comes before the date and gifts you $50 – this means that you can make the same expense now without having to reduce the volume of your savings. It is even better with bingo as the money could potentially increase.


Another reason is the freedom to take risks. Since the money you are about to bet with did not exactly come out of your pocket, you allow yourself some additional freedom to take risks (calculated or not). It is true that no risk means no reward; at the same time, the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. When you are gambling with your personal money, there is the feeling of not wanting to squander it all up in a hurry, but free money will not necessarily bring up any of those feelings, thus allowing you to take big risks to prepare yourself to reap big rewards.


No deposit bonus also makes it possible to try out the services of a new bingo gaming service without risking your money. Not every site that offers bingo gaming services will match the preferences of each and every player, sometimes these kinks do not crop up until advanced features are utilized. Features like placing a bet, making a payout (you cannot pay out bonuses unless you bet with them and turn them over) and so on which all require a funded account to use. If you do happen to be dissatisfied by factors like the website lagging, unresponsive user interface, etc. you can easily move on without having any regrets as to money which you have to leave behind – or get drawn back by the money you deposited (nobody will leave money behind and close the account unless there’s a refund policy which will also take some time to materialize).


Bingo is the favorite game of many people and they will all agree that No Deposit Bonuses aka free money is one of their favorite parts of the game – especially while playing online.

Losing Bitcoin Anonymity May be Next for European Online Casinos

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Cyber money has gained taken so much of spotlight in the past few years in the news. Bitcoin is about to find itself in seeing change after change now as the European Commission is in the talks regarding putting an end to the virtual currency’s anonymous trading practices. The primary reason this is being done by the European Union’s executive division is in order to show how this funding used by terrorist organizations.


bitcoin anonymity


Indeed it is the European Commission which has put this across by proposing this legislation and in case the same is passed, the same law will be made sure to come into effect by the year 2017. Even though there there has not been any concrete evidence that terrorist groups are using the cyber coinage in order to continue with their heinous deeds and fund their terrible actions, we are still glad a step is being taken in the right direction.

Valdis Dombrovskis, who is the European Commission Vice President was recently interviewed by Fortune magazine and he spoke about his wish to improve the oversight of one of the many financial means that are used by terrorists. These span from cash and cultural artefacts to virtual currencies and anonymous pre-paid cards. All this is done while avoiding the unnecessary obstacles that come in the way of the functioning of payments and financial markets for ordinary, law-abiding citizens.

It sure is a difficult task to keep a track of bitcoin users and might prove to be a struggle over the course of a time. And that is because in case a Bitcoin purchaser does so on an exchange which is not located in Europe. And that puts the activity beyond the mandate of the E.U. Commission. There are other transactions that work peer-to-peer and are just as impossible to follow when you obtain the Bitcoins. As of today, the virtual cash is trading at around $385 USD for every coin. So, even when the proposal is put forward for the transactions in European exchanges to be made public, it will surely change the value. The anonymity of Bitcoin’s works as a key component for the usefulness of the currency. Hence taking that away even if only in the European jurisdiction could lead to a lot of controversy.

Recently, a statement was issued by the officials in the E.U. which said that there was a risk that virtual currency transfers could be used by terrorist organizations so that they could conceal transfers. Transactions with virtual currencies have surely been recorded, although there is no reporting mechanism that stands as equal to that which is seen in the mainstream banking system so as to make note of any suspicious activity.

There are multiple online casinos that offer you games using the virtual currency. And the list is growing every single day. Now whether this will change the way Europe looks at online gambling is nothing more than a gamble for punters.

Cashback Offers Very Popular With Online Casinos

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Casinos offer a wide range of special offers to keep customers happy and they are definitely very effective at attracting and retaining customers. Cashback bonuses are the most popular of these promotional offers on account of a whole lot of reasons. As a matter of fact, many gamblers compare the cashback offers and other promotions of different casinos before they join any particular one. After all, this is one way to ensure that one gets the best possible returns from gambling!


In case you aren’t sure about what a cashback promotion is then you’ll be interested to read the following details.


What Exactly is a Cashback Bonus?


cashback bonus


The term cashback bonus refers to a special promotional offer, often run for the long term, in which a part of your losses or spend at a casino are credited back to your account. The cashback amount is most often a percentage of the total amount wagered at a casino for a specific period. The idea of these bonuses is to give players a reason to keep gambling at a particular site since their overall losses can be reduced this way.


Different Types of Cashback Offers


There is no uniformity in the cashback bonuses offered across different casinos since each establishment has its own special offer. These bonuses are generally offered in daily, weekly or monthly programmes and they are generally very tempting. However, there are strict terms and conditions that govern how these bonuses are earned and redeemed.


The percentage available as cashback also varies from casino to casino. For instance, Slotty Vegas offers a fabulous cashback deal that gives players the opportunity to earn back 10% of their losses up to a maximum of $1,500 per day. Rich Casino runs a weekly programme through which players can get back 40% of their losses up to a maximum of $400 during that period. Prospect Hall Casino offers a 10% weekly cashback but it also has other promotions through which players can get back money.


While some casinos offer actual money back to their customers which can then be withdrawn if required, some other casinos credit their customers’ accounts with bonus funds in place of actual money. These bonus funds can be used to gamble for free, thereby increasing the customers’ chances of winning more money!


Some casinos also require players to deposit a minimum amount of money before they qualify for a cashback promotion.


Terms and Conditions


Casinos rarely place any wagering requirements on customers before money can be offered to them as cashback. However, a few casinos do have these terms and conditions. Therefore, it is best to do research before signing up at any particular casino or else you might have an unpleasant surprise.


As you can see, players can make good use of these programmes to maximize their returns from the different casinos they use for gambling. In fact, they check out the different offers available at any point of time because casinos tend to run different promotions from time to time.

Richmond Joins Other AFL Teams in Rejecting Sports Betting Deals

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Richmond Football Club became the latest club to go against the Australian Football League (AFL) in the ongoing conflict regarding commercial dealings with sports betting businesses. The club, which became part of the AFL competition in 1908, joins six other clubs in rejecting sponsorship deals with bookmaking companies. This is indeed a bold stance since there is a lot of money at stake here. As a matter of fact, the Tigers, as Richmond is known, had had a sponsorship deal with Sportsbet and Luxbet in the past.

At present ranked number 6 in terms of number of premiership titles, Richmond has decided to formalize its stance against sports betting by becoming a signatory to a responsible gambling charter. This development leaves Melbourne, Carlton and Geelong the only Victorian football clubs with commercial relationships with sports betting companies. The AFL therefore finds itself being increasingly isolated on this issue. The League derives a lot of revenue from advertising from sports betting houses, much of which is very prominent at match venues.


richmond football club


Brendon Gale, chief executive of Richmond explained that the reason for this move has been the club’s dissatisfaction at how sports betting had become omni-present. The biggest cause of concern was that children, who formed a big chunk of the AFL’s audience base, were getting the idea that betting on sports was a completely normal and accepted activity. In fact, Richmond has a deeper association with gambling, being the owner of several poker machine establishments, but Gale does not see any conflict in the club’s stance.

Richmond is committed to promoting responsible gambling and it feels that the pervasive nature of sports betting is something to worry about because of the way in which it can influence impressionable people. The club believes that it has a very important hold over the community and its stance over any particular subject can bring about change in society.
Gale admitted that the club had benefited from sponsorship from the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation but also said that the club would lose money by saying no to lucrative advertising deals from gambling companies.

Jane Garrett, gaming minister for Victoria, said that the position taken by Richmond and other clubs was very significant because it would help prevent the normalisation of betting amongst children and other people who are at risk of getting addicted. Garrett even went on to say that advertising for sports betting companies was going out of control. However, she also cautioned that sports betting was nothing like tobacco in that it did have its benefits and was far less harmful. Tobacco is without doubt a dangerous product that could take the life of a regular user as well as people who are involuntarily exposed to its fumes. On the other hand, Australians have a long history of responsible gambling with a vast majority of people enjoying this pastime without encountering any problems of any sort. Furthermore, the industry was a very important part of the economy since it gave employment to large numbers of people.

New Jersey Lawsuit Could Legalise Sports Betting in the United States

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There is a great deal of interest in the sports betting industry concerning the rehearing of a case that has the potential to be a landmark one. The Third Circuit Court of Appeals will be re-examining the suit brought by a consortium of sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA against a 2014 law enacted in New Jersey that repealed a number of bans on sports betting. The sports leagues have made the argument that the New Jersey law is in violation of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PAPSA). This 1992 federal law was enacted in order to ban states from permitting sports wagering operations. The exemption to this law was the state of Nevada.

New Jersey has been trying to revitalize its racetrack and casino businesses by permitting sports gambling, but its attempts to circumvent PAPSA have always been blocked. It passed a law in 2012 to authorize sports betting but a three judge panel of the Third Circuit Court struck it down. However, the language used by the court was ambiguous in that it said that there was no affirmative prohibition of any particular activity and this has caused the state to keep up its attempts to legalize sports wagering. In fact, the 2014 law was drafted to repeal the ban on sports betting at gambling houses, casinos, and racetracks. However, this law was also found to violate the terms of PAPSA.


Third Circuit Court of Appeals


New Jersey has pursued this issue with great determination and managed to get the Third Circuit to hear the case en banc. This means that all active judges of the court will be part of the rehearing in place of the three judge appellate panel which is normally the case. This is no small achievement since an en banc hearing is a very unusual occurrence especially if the court has already ruled against New Jersey’s case. As a matter of fact, New Jersey has very good reason to feel optimistic about its prospects in this case.

The results of the rehearing will not be out for a very long time since the Third Circuit court might not issue its opinion earlier than six months from now. Even if New Jersey does get a favourable ruling, it will not be able to permit sports gambling activities immediately. The sports leagues will most certainly take the fight to the Supreme Court after seeking an injunction to prevent the launch of sports betting in the state.

Even so, there is a lot hanging on this case since many other states are watching it closely. If New Jersey were to win the right to legalize sports betting then many other states will follow suit since sports betting can be a very lucrative source of revenue. Americans enjoy betting on sports, as is indicated by the huge volumes of illegal sports wagers originating from this country. It is no exaggeration to say that a favourable ruling for New Jersey could drastically change the gambling industry in the United States.

Twelve Judge Panel to Determine New Jersey’s Sports Betting Future

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The state of New Jersey has yet another shot at legalizing sports betting with a twelve judge appellate panel set to hear the state’s arguments on Wednesday. This is another step in the state’s ongoing campaign to make sports wagering legal and it has been proceeding doggedly in spite of being blocked repeatedly. Very few states are permitted to allow sports gambling and this is a very lucrative source of income for these states. The Garden State has passed laws in 2012 and 2014 to legalize this business but it the powerful sports associations in the United States have always managed to block these laws. The NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL, in addition to the NCAA have consistently worked together to block New Jersey’s attempts to legalize sports betting because they fear a deluge of other states following suit.

The Wednesday hearing is an en blac one which means that the appellate panel will have twelve judges instead of the usual three judges. The very fact that the Court has permitted a rehearing is highly encouraging for New Jersey because it indicates that the court is willing to reconsider the 2014 decision of its three judge panel. Of course, the state will have to make a very convincing argument if it has to succeed. However, even if it does get a favourable judgement, New Jersey will have to wait a while before gambling operations can begin because the case will most certainly be dragged to the Supreme Court.


state of New Jersey

It is really surprising that sports betting is not permitted in the Garden State, given that it has been home to very large gambling operations including casinos and racetracks. However, the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) bans sports betting in every state except for Delaware, Montana, Oregon and of course, Nevada. New Jersey had the option to permit sports betting at the time the PASPA was passed but it did not do so at that time. Today, Nevada is the only state that has a full-fledged sports wagering operation because the other three states haven’t focused on it very much.
New Jersey has come to realize the potential of sports gambling to draw in revenues, and it is eager to be part of the immense action. After all, its gambling industry has been in slow decline over the past few years on account of a number of reasons. As a matter of fact, the residents of the state voted in favour of legalizing sports betting during a 2011 referendum.

New Jersey passed a bill in 2014, S2460, to cancel its prohibition of sports betting and enable racetracks and casinos to offer sports books without requiring a license to do so. While the law was struck down, the three-judge panel of the 3rd Circuit appellate court were not all in agreement. This leaves the state with a ray of hope when the case comes up for rehearing en banc since there is a possibility that at least 6 judges out of 12 will favour the state’s arguments.

Pennsylvania Seeks to End Sports Betting Ban

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The state of Pennsylvania has followed the example of its neighbour New Jersey by passing a bill that paves the way to legalise sports betting eventually in the state. Lawmakers in the state voted 23-1 to pass HR 619 which will enable the state to permit casinos to offer sports books in anticipation of the time when the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 is repealed or at least amended. As of now, the PASPA is used to block all attempts to make sports betting legal in any of the states that do not currently offer it.

The new legislation was brought by the Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee and it signals the state’s willingness to be a part of the fast growing and highly lucrative sports betting industry. The Committee also urged Congress to repeal PASPA because Pennsylvania, like a few other states, would like to earn revenues from sports wagering while also licensing and regulating it. The bill has a long way to go before it can eventually become a law in the state but this is at least a step in the right direction as far as the gambling industry is concerned. Incidentally, lawmakers in the state are also currently debating the merits of allowing online poker in the state. Pennsylvania’s gaming revenue has shown modest growth over the past few years, but its increase of 3.4% over 2014’s revenues are definitely cause for concern.


Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee

New Jersey has been at the forefront of efforts to legalize sports wagering in the United States. The Garden State, concerned about steadily dipping revenues from its casinos at Atlantic City, has passed legislations in 2012 and again in 2014 to legalize this industry. However, the big professional sports leagues, with support from the NCAA, have been firmly opposed to letting this happen and they have taken New Jersey to the courts over this issue. They are of the opinion that the legalization of sports betting will bring about widespread corruption in the sport and will cause sports fans to lose interest in it if they feel that all matches are fixed.

Nevada offers the best sports wagering in the United States. While Delaware, Oregon, and Montana are also permitted to do so under PASPA, only Delaware offers it. Nevada booked a whopping $132 million in bets just for the Super Bowl. In fact, it saw $4.2 billion being bet on sports in 2015. However, Americans wager far more than that on sporting events, as is evident from the bets that flow out from the country through illegal channels on the internet. This represents a huge loss of money to the economy which could otherwise be put to good use. Furthermore, it leaves many gamblers at the mercy of unscrupulous bookmakers. The reliable and well-managed websites do not as a rule accept customers from the United States which means that Americans have to rely on shady operators who don’t always play by the rules or offer the best prices. A regulated sports betting market will be advantageous to everyone concerned.

Efforts are on to Legalise Sports Betting in the USA

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The gambling industry is eager to get sports betting legalized in the United States because of its immense potential to generate revenues. Americans who are eager to gamble on sports can do so at casinos located in Nevada and in Delaware to a limited extent. However, the restrictions placed on sports wagering in the United States have not served the industry well, or even gamblers for that matter, since the vast majority of American gamblers prefer to place wagers on sporting events through illegal channels, particularly on the internet.

The sports betting industry is estimated to be worth $400 billion on a yearly basis and this figure is growing at a steady pace. However, since most of this business is illegal, the government is missing out on a very lucrative stream of revenue. Furthermore, illegal gambling operations rarely provide a good gambling experience because of high costs and the possibility of being cheated by unscrupulous and illegal operators.


sports betting in the usa

While the entire sporting establishment in the United States is firmly set against the legalization of sports wagering, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has come out as in support for it, much to the surprise of all people. As a matter of fact, he has become a most unlikely ally of those people who are keen to see that sports gambling is open in different parts of the country and not just in Nevada.

There is no doubt at all that Silver can play a very important role in changing perceptions about sports betting. At present, the professional sports leagues in the United States seem to be open to the idea of fantasy betting because they consider it to be a skill based sport and not just luck based. Many fantasy sports operators have entered into sponsorship deals with the leagues as well as individual teams, so much so that most of the advertisements associated with sporting events are from these companies. However, there is a lot of impatience, among gamblers and gambling companies alike, to make sports wagering and daily fantasy sports betting legal as well.

Silver is of the opinion that daily fantasy sports and sports betting should be encouraged and legalized because they give fans a great way to engage with the sport of their choice. Besides, there are additional benefits to making sports betting legal. Governments are perpetually strapped for cash, and they will be able to generate a lot of money by taxing revenues from sports betting.

There have also been lots of debates about making daily fantasy contests legal. The Attorney General of New York is of the opinion that the daily fantasy betting business is too much like illegal gambling for it to be permitted. On the other hand, lawmakers in Florida are discussing an amendment to a bill with the intention of making sports betting legal. In another interesting development, Brian Sandoval, the Governor of Nevada, has also required the state’s Gaming Advisory Council to consider whether daily fantasy sports has a future in the state.

Outside Game Being Played by Sports Betting Advocates in the USA

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In the hope that legalization is soon a reality for the states, advocates of sports betting are now playing the outside game.
Those in favour of sports betting are hoping that the growing acceptance of betting in the United States, which is partly driven by the popularity of daily fantasy sports games. They are hoping that this will help overturn a 1992 federal ban on sports gambling. The same is being led by the American Gaming Association (AGA) and it will help gain partners in the public and private sector.


Geoff Freeman, who is the the chief executive of the AGA recently said that they were looking to take a different approach. They are trying to create an environment where policymakers are inclined to ask the questions people would want to ask.


Essentially, the AGA is bringing up questions regarding the flow of money in the illegal sports betting market and also the lack of consumer protections. The manner in which the states and local governments could benefit in case the activity is regulated is of importance.


American Gaming Association3


In the year 2015, Americans spent $149 billion on illegal sports bets across the nation as is estimated by the AGA. Out of this, about 97 percent of the $4.2 billion that was betted on this year’s Super Bowl was done through illegal means.
The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which was passed by the Congress banning sports betting in 1992. While all of the states was given a one-year window to legalize some sports betting, the only ones which chose to do so were Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon.

Proponents complain of the law being antiquated because of technology and other aspects of betting that have re-shaped the game.

Of late, AGA has been conducting meetings with governors, attorneys general, state-level lawmakers and law enforcement officials in the hope of creating grassroots pressure so as to overturn the 1992 act.

J.B. Van Hollen, who is the former attorney general of Wisconsin and is working with the AGA on the issue with the help of his consulting firm, Van Hollen Consulting said that there was an increase in the participation by the states to step up and fill the void. He said that the more they learned, the more they realised the need to change things.

One of the continuous troubles is that the daily fantasy sports sites are riddled with controversies on most days.
While roughly two-dozen states have shown some sort of legislative movement on daily fantasy sports — an industry that argues it is a form of entertainment, rather than gambling — only four have taken up sports betting in recent years.

Right now all eyes in the gambling industry are set on New Jersey. This is where a panel of federal judges will hear arguments in favour of sports betting legalization.

The State of New Jersey is putting up a fight in the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in order to legalize wagers at casinos and racetracks. There is hope that this will give a boost to the struggling horse racing industry and casino-centric Atlantic City.

The History of Roulette

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There is no doubt that the roulette wheel is fascinating both as a game and as a little wheel. For instance, did you know that the original wheel had 36 numbers? If you add up all these numbers, you get a demonic 666. It is because of this fact that people have come to believe that one of its earliest modifiers sold his soul to the devil in exchange of the secrets of how to beat the game. The game also attributes its nickname, The Devil's Game to the same mathematical fact. Both of these, exciting as they may be, are just tall tales told so that the game may be more interesting. These facts are however not as fascinating as its history.


roulette history 1


The game owes its origin to a French physics, inventor and mathematician by the name Blaise Pascal. In the year 1655, Pascal was trying to invent a the machine that would maintain its state of motion without input from an external source of energy. Anybody with a slight knowledge of physics and the laws that govern our world and the universe will tell you that that is impossible. However, with the failure of one, another was born.


Pascal's wheel did not have the number zero. It was added in the year 1842, this is when Francois and Lois Blanc went ahead and redesigned the wheel specifically for King Charles III of Monaco. At the time, the kingdom of Charles was facing financial difficulties, and the redesigned wheel gave the casinos a larger house edge. It offered a 2.70 percent profit.


The king, therefore, built a casino and equipped it with, among several other games, the roulette wheel. At the time, France had outlawed gambling making Monte Carlo a haven for gamblers and the roulette wheel became a favourite almost immediately. It goes without saying that the wheel generated large sums of income for Monaco and in no time, it became an essential symbol of Monte Carlo's contemporary gambling culture.


In the 1800s, the now famous roulette wheel found its way, through European settlers, to the American shores of New Orleans. At the time, it was outlawed, and when it was legalized, the Americans were not satisfied with the 2.70 percent profit it offered, so they redesigned it and added the double zeros. By doing this, they increased the odds of the house from 2.70 % to 5.26 %. The new wheel had 38 numbers up from the original 36. It became very popular during the Gold Rush period of California.


Since a Physicist invented the wheel, the fact that the game is primarily about physics should not be a surprise. An Australian statistician, Michael Small, working alongside Chi Kong figured out that if you knew the exact location of the spinning ball, its speed and the speed of the roulette wheel at the exact moment when the croupier releases the ball, you could determine precisely which number to place your bet on. By doing this, you will be able to increase your chances of winning significantly. Nevertheless, this task faces numerous challenges key among them being that no electronic devices are allowed near the roulette wheel. Anyone found with an electronic device is kicked out.


In the past, the kind of wheel you played, single or double zero, depended on whether you were in Europe or the United States of America. Then along came technology and it broke those barriers. Since the early 2000s, people can play either wheel in the online casinos. The primary advantage of this is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your home, but the game does lose some of its excitement. 


Regardless of the facts, myths and legends interlaced in the history of the roulette wheel, one thing holds true; it is a very exciting game to play. The little wheel has also evolved over the centuries that it has been in existence. It is from an inventor’s lab to numerous casinos all over the earth to the World Wide Web. Who knows what the future holds for this exciting little wheel from France?

Why Are Free Spins So Popular?

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There is no doubt that free spins are now becoming more popular among players who love spending time in land based and online casinos. There are great benefits one stands to enjoy from this offer and have fun at the same time. Here is a look at why this offer is so popular.


free spins

The fact that people can play a range of free slots online and without having to pay a single cent makes the offer so popular. The best part is that you can do that at the comfort of your home or anywhere you are comfortable.

Before, brick-and-mortar casinos were the only places where people could play slot machines. However, it wasn’t free to play these games. But the introduction of free online slot machines has made the game popular even among the people who never imagined they would ever gamble.

Free spins are the best offers any slot game can have since casual players who want to relax can also enjoy a share in the fun. The fact that it is ideal for players of all ages is no doubt the reason why this offer gains a following every single day. As long as you are legally old enough to gamble, you can start enjoying your no deposit game.

If you are gearing up for a trip to brick and motor casino, this could also be the best ticket for you. The spins will serve as a practice to get you well prepared for the actual game. Since most people want to be good at the game for the actual slot, they tend to spend most of their time making use of the spins provided.

The internet has also made it easy to find all the versions of some of the most popular slot machines that made the transition from offline casinos. You can easily search for these free spins on the internet. Since there are various sites that will offer the game, you can sharpen your prowess and be comfortable when handling the real game for money. It is common that when you play a game long enough you thoroughly understand it, it helps you increase your chances of winning at the real game.

The other reason that makes free spins appealing to people is the fact that there is a huge selection of free slots online for people to choose from. Each one of the them has its own fun theme to it and a number of them are themed after TV shows, comic books and movies, like the Bridesmaid slot that was recently released or the ever popular Game of Thrones which has a highly popular slot based on its theme. This is the reason why people of all walks of life and all ages will spend much of their time on the computers, tablets and phones. You also have a chance to be good in your childhood game or stir up the memories of your favorite TV shows, comic books and movies. You will get that extra motivation any gamer needs to keep playing the game.

Although you get free spins from online casinos that require deposits to play for real money - as you'll find at sites like these, you can also enjoy the same features and functionality from sites that exclusively offer free games to players. Such sites make the game so popular among those players who have an interest in playing the game for free.

There are some games that are more complicated than others. However, you have a chance to start out with the easier games as you work your way up to the more complicated games. In fact, this is the best way to discover what you are really good at when it comes to the different types of slots.

In the world where everyone is struggling financially, it is comforting to know that there is an easy way to have fun without paying anything. Using spins that are provided for free is an easy way to engage in an industry most people fear. When the mood strikes and you feel like you can take your chances at the actual game, you can do so.

With so many reasons why you need to be part of the growing number of players, starting off only takes a few minutes. After you have verified your account, you can start playing the game. This is simply the best form of entertainment that assures you excitement and fun.

500% Bingo Bonuses That You Must Grab

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Are you a bingo player? Have you been looking for sites that offer incredibly crazy bonuses to no avail? Here is good news for. This is totally unbelievable. It will render you breathless. There is a new offer for 500% bingo bonuses! You think it is a jock? Oh no! That is the truth.




With this offer of a kind, you deposit 10 pounds and get 60 pounds to play with. This incredible offer is not easy to come by. But now it is available just for you to grab. You will not want to wait if you are a serious bingo player interested in making more cash. You are therefore encouraged to take advantage of this amazing opportunity by registering to play bingo.


In addition, you stand a chance of emerging the winner. This simply means that you will get pounds which you can re-invest by playing again. By so doing, you will achieve more than you expected. You will make more pounds as you enjoy the game. This makes 500% bingo bonus an offer that is worth investing in.


You do not have to sit back and waste this chance. Just imagine depositing 10 pounds and getting 60 pounds in return, all for you to play with. Besides, the procedure for making this a reality is simple and easy to apply. You only need to go sites offering 500% free bingo bonuses. This is followed by registration. After which you will be required to make a deposit of only 10 pounds. In return, you will be given 60 pounds to play with so that you can make more money.


By having more money, you will be able to participate in big jackpot games. These are games which bring high profits thus enabling you to make a prodigious amount of money. You are allowed to transfer free bingo point bonus money in your own account. You can then use the money to play higher stakes.


Besides, you will have the opportunity to win lots of grand prizes. What is the secret? Simply accumulate enough bonus money until you meet the qualifications. It is just as simple as that.


Moreover, this wonderful bingo bonus will enable you avoid the risk of losing your money. You will only deposit 10 pounds. You will then get 60 pounds. That means that the money you will be playing with even if you lose, will not disadvantage you. It is free money. The most impressive thing about this 500% bingo bonus is that chances of losing are very few. You will win and accumulate more money so that you can participate in more lucrative bingo games.


Maybe you are wondering where you can get sites that offer this amazing 500% bingo bonuses.


These Are The Sites

● BetFred Bingo
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● Moon Bingo


In conclusion, this is an offer that can enable you make more money so as to participate in higher stakes. You are therefore encouraged to choose your favourite bingo site that offers 500% bingo bonus so that you can maximise on this lucrative deal. You will definitely realise that you made a great decision.